Sending readings to Copérnico

There are different ways to send time readings to Copérnico:


Sending readings from timingsense timing devices.

From mid 2020, Copérnico has been working in a Serverless environment. This allows readings to be sent directly from the Cloud to Copérnico, without any intermediate software.

To send readings you need to connect the devices remotely: all connected to internet. In this article we explain how to connect the devices remotely.

In Copérnico, there are two ways to check the connected devices:

  1. By clicking on the widget “timing devices” in the control panel:

In this widget you will only be able to consult the available information:

  • For each location: devices location, total readings, time of last reading at that location, and number of devices connected at that location.
  • For each device: status (connected or not connected (grey background), synchronization status (green icon), total readings, single readings, time of last reading, battery charge level, temperature, CPU temperature and reader temperature, and finally connected antennas.
  1. Clicking on “Devices” in the right-hand menu:

From this menu you can: rewind, synchronize the devices and pause the reception of readings. If any device is not going to have internet connection at its location, it can be configured in the same way and once the device regains internet connection it will send the data to the cloud and it can be downloaded.

Importing readings from a USB

In order to obtain a file you must export the readings from a timing device. We explain how to export readings stored in a timing device in this article.

Once we get our reading session on a usb:

  1. Click on the “Data Importer” icon in Copérnico “Raws” menu.
  2. Drag or select the file from the USB device (.csv file format).
  3. Select the location to which these readings will be associated.
  4. Click the “Upload” button.

After this the readings will be processed normally.

Sending readings from non-timingsense timing devices.

Copérnico already uses third party technology to offer you the best timing experience. If you want to know how, please contact our customer service department.


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