Assigning tags to participants

You have two ways to assign the tags to the participants for a race.

  • Upload the tag already assigned in the import file. You will need to create in your import document a column for the tag in which you complete that value for each participant. You have more information on how to do this in the article “Importation of participants”.
  • Configure a bib-tag sequence. You can do it through the section “Tag Sequencing” by manually configuring a range of bib’s and their corresponding tag range; or importing a file with the bib and tag columns. You have more information in the article “Tag sequencing”.

Chips may appear in a race that are not assigned to any participant and have generated readings. This could happen, for example, because an athlete has been assigned a wrong tag or none at all. This athlete will not appear in the rankings.

You can check all unassigned chips in a race in the raws menu. By double-clicking on an unknown chip you can view all readings for that chip and create or assign an athlete for that chip.

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