Generate rankings with attributes

To create a ranking by attribute you must first create a preset in the “Participants” section.

In the personalisation of columns you must activate the column of the ranking of the attribute for which you want to take out a ranking and order the table from that column. You will find them in the “Rankings” section (attributes).

Set the other columns which you want to show. You have two options to generate the ranking and you can combine them.

  • Group the values of an attribute. In the “Group by” drop-down, in the lower bar, the different attributes which you have assigned in the import of participants will appear. When selected, the participants will be grouped by the values of that attribute. For example, in an attribute of professions, the participants will appear grouped in the different assigned professions (firefighters, police officers…). Participants who have no value for that attribute will also appear grouped.
  • Filter the values by the header of the attribute column. In the customisation of columns, in the “Attributes” section, you can load a column for the attributes which you have assigned in the import of participants. When activated, from the head of the column you can filter from the attribute values. For example, in a federated attribute, you can filter so that only the participants with the value “Yes” appear.

Save this configuration as a preset.

Do you want more information on how to create presets from “Participants”? Read more here.

Once the preset has been created, you must create a report in the “Reports” section.

When creating a new report you can copy the header or footer of another report.
  1. In the report editor screen, in the upper drop-down, choose the event for which you want to create the report.
  2. To add the ranking choose the item “Individual report”, in the right-hand menu of elements, and drag it to the report.
  3. Click on the element and go to the configuration section of the right-hand menu.
  4. Choose a preset from the drop-down. If the list is long it may take a few seconds to load into the report.
  5. Customise the visual appearance of the table if you wish through the editor of the sidebar on the right. You can modify the size of the font, the colour, the alignment of the text…
  6. Click on “Save” in the upper right corner.
  7. To print the report, click on the print icon in the top menu.
You can also print from the “Report” section by clicking on the three points and then on “Print”.
Do you want more information on how to create and customise your reports? Read more here.

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