Configuring types of teams

A team is a collection of participants grouped under one criteria.

The criteria Copérnico uses to assign a participant to a team is: Event + Team Type + Team Name. And under this criteria a participant can belong to several teams.

To time a race in which the participants will run in teams, first you must add them to the configuration of the event.

Fill in the information on the types of team.

  • Name:enter the name of the team you are going to configure.
  • Type of calculation: choose between “Athlete Counter” (sums all athletes in a team who complete an interval); or “Sum of times” (sum of the best times of a number of participants which you indicate).
  • Number of participants:number of team participants who will be taken into account for the calculation of the team classification.


The assignment of team types to participants takes place during the import. We explain how to do it in the article “Importing participants”.

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