Managing issues

Copérnico creates an issue each time one of the following changes is made to a participant or batch of participants.

  • Swap: bib and tag change between two participants
  • Time editing
  • Editing participant data

You can review these issues easily and undo any of these changes.

The issues include both individual changes and changes made in a batch to a group of participants.
  1. Click on the “Issues” icon in the right side menu.
  2. In the “Issues” window displayed on the right you can perform the following actions.
    1. Search by the athlete’s bib.
    2. Filter the issues temporarily.
    3. Undo any change using the trash can icon.
    4. Delete all issues at once by clicking on “Delete all visibles” button.

Once you have undone an issue you can not go back.
If a change in the race, athlete or raw implies an issue it can also be seen in the “Log” section.

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