Net time trophies

You may find that in a race you have to time by official time (from when the starting gun goes off), and you need to calculate trophies for the participants who have the best net time (from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line).

copérnico solves this problem with a new feature where you can create trophies for both net time and official time.

Its setup is very simple. you just have to follow the same steps as indicated in the trophy configuration article.

  1. Go to the race setup section.
  2. In your selected event, go to the trohpy section.
  3. Give the trophy group a name.
  4. Setup the trophies in that group. In the example image the trophies for the first 5 men and first 5 women have been setup. Also, you can see that a field has been added to allow you to select the trophy calculation mode, either by official time or by net time.





  1. Once you have selected the net time calculation mode, these trophies will be set up for the first 5 men and the first 5 women with the best net time.

However there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the same race and in the same event, both net time trophies and official time trophies can coexist.
  • If you make the trophies non-cumulative, you can give trophies for official time and trophies for net time to different participants.
  • Remember that the trophies can be independent of the positions of the categories. That is, whenever there are non-cumulative trophies, the rankings by categories may be different from the trophies awarded.


An example of non-cumulative trophies would be the case where there are trophies for the first 5 men and, on the other hand, trophies for the first in each category. Therefore, the winner would have won the overall trophy, but, being non-cumulative, he will not win the trophy for his category, even if he came first.

Team net time trophies

You can configure copérnico to calculate the team trophies by net time for each participant.

The configuration is different setting up athlete trophies, because the team calculations comes before. This means that it must be configured prior to the trophies.

How is the calculation set up?

  1. Inside an event go to the team type section.
  2. Create a team type name.
  3. Select in the calculation field net time instead of offical time.






  1. In the trophy section, you only need to create a trophy for that team type. This will be calculated based on the selected calculation method.






All the trophies you have setup will be visible both in the APP and in the documents you have created, for athletes or teams.


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