Importing participants

You can import the participants in Copérnico through CSV or XLXS folders.

If you use Live, it is important that you upload a provisional list so that users of the app can start following participants

  1. Preparing the participants file
  2. Uploading the file to Copérnico
  3. Assigning tags in the upload
  4. Assigning type of team in the upload
  5. Reimporting athletes


Preparing the participants file

You can upload the file in CSV or XLSX format. This is an example template made in Google Sheets. You can leave the other columns blank if you do not need to use that information.

The labels of the header of each column do not have to match the denomination on Copérnico. If they do not match you can associate the value manually later in the upload.

All participants must have a unique identifier. If you do not include an ID value in your document, Copérnico will use the tag code, taking it out of the import document or the tag sequence. If the participants do not have an assigned tag either, Copérnico will create a unique identifier for each of them.

You can add custom fields by adding columns in the file you are importing.


Uploading the file to Copérnico

      1. Access the “Participants” section in the left side menu.
      2. Click on the “Import” section in the right side menu.
      3. Drag the file or click on the box to upload it from your browser.
      4. Complete the information of the document and click on the “Upload” button.
        • CSV: complete the delimiter, the encoding and the date format.
        • XLXS: Complete the date format.

      5. Check that each field in your document is associated with the correct field in Copérnico and click “Save”.
        1. Original field: field in your import document.
        2. Type: choose “time” if the value is a time; “attribute” if it is an attribute; or “regular” for any other value.
        3. Field to assign: field in Copérnico. If the one shown is not the correct one, choose it in the drop-down. If you do not want that field to be imported click on the cross icon.

        Custom fields created in the import file will appear without an assigned field. To create a field you only have to type the name you want to assign.

      6. Associate the values ​​of events, categories, and waves of your document with those that you have previously created in Copérnico and click “Save”. If a category in the archive does not exist in the race, you can choose whether you want to assign it to an existing category in the race configuration or whether it automatically creates a new category for you.
      7. Check in the summary table that the data is correct and click “Save”.
      8. In the pop-up window, click “Yes” to finish the process. Athletes who already exist will be overwritten. If you do not want this to happen, click no and remove the duplicate participants from your import document.


    If there are many participants, the load may take a few seconds.


    Assigning tags in the upload

    To assign the tag to each participant, it will be sufficient for you to create a tag column in your import document, and complete this value for each participant.

    If you want to assign two tags to the same participant, add a second column in which you put the value of the second tag in your import document. During the import, associate both columns with “Tag” in the “Field to assign” drop-down. Copérnico will associate both values ​​as the participant’s tags.

    Importing participants


    Assigning type of team in the upload

    To import participants with type of team you must first set up the types of team in your event. We explain how to do it in the article “Types of team configuration”.

    You can import participants into Copérnico from a CSV or XLXS file. If there are participants who have more than one type of team, you must put these teams in different columns, each with a different header.

    In the field association step during import, choose “Type of team” from the “Field to assign” drop-down list for your column(s).


    Reimporting participants

    When reimporting a list of participants, you should not delete the ones you already have in Copérnico, but you must have the unique identifiers of each participant configured to avoid duplicity or overwriting problems.

    It is very important that you do not change the unique identifiers so that the participants do not lose their followers in Live.
      • Overwriting during import. When there is a participant with the same unique identifier as another participant already existing in Copérnico, the data in it will be overwritten.  
      • Duplicity during import. If you upload an existing participant with a unique identifier other than the one assigned in Copérnico, it will be duplicated. To avoid this, be sure to use the same identifier in the import, either the one you defined in the previous import, the tag code or the one defined by Copérnico.

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