Commentator is a way of visualizing athletes as they pass through an interval of the race. Copérnico generates a commentator url.

By generating a commentator url you can set up:

  • The interval or intervals that you want to be shown. For example: Finish Marathon, Finish 10K.
  • Number of pixel space reserved for the header and footer (zero means no header or no footer).
  • A header and/or footer image that will adapt to the specified size.
  • Topic: White or dark.
  • Table framing.
  • Table style: Thickness of the rows, in three ways: compact, regular, and expanded.

On the right you can see a preview of your commentator; you can choose the resolution of the screen where it will be displayed or in the drop-down menu you can choose a predefined resolution.

By activating the “Use test data” checkbox, you will be able to see the preview even if you don’t yet have any real data about your race.

You can access the commentator from the Copérnico left menu.

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