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Adding the route layout to Copérnico

After you have created the path of your race in Google Maps, you must upload it to Copérnico following these steps. Before starting make sure you have the file of the route saved and located on your computer.

Remember that the total distance of your route must be equal to the distance of your event in Copérnico. The intermediate points will be positioned automatically with the distances of the created splits. The start line will be at the beginning of the route and the finish line at the last point of the route.
    1. Login to Copérnico and select the race.
    2. Select “Live” from the left side menu.
    3. In the “Events” section, display “Maps”.
    4. Drag the file of the route that you have previously created in Google Earth and saved in your computer to the field “Choose a file or drop it here”. If you click on this section a window will open where you can also search for your file on your computer.

To improve the accuracy of the location of splits you can correct their position by dragging them with the mouse over the route, moving the sidebar bars or typing the distance in the numeric field.

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