Creating a wave

A start is a given point of time from which all official times of an athlete who has that wave assigned are calculated.

No time will be computed for any athlete who has an assigned wave that is not launched.

Waves are created within an event.

A wave can be created individually with the “+ Add” button, created in block, imported them from another race that you already have in Copérnico or pasted from another event within the same race with the edit buttons: cut, copy and paste.

Complete the wave information.

  • Wave name: if you have more than one wave choose a name that allows you to differentiate them.
  • Start date and time: the time can be approximated since the day of the race you can modify it when you start the race.


You can delete a wave by clicking on the trash can icon.

In Live, if the start time has already passed and the wave has not been launched, the counter will stay at 0:00 waiting for the wave.

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