Creating presets

A preset is a predefined configuration for viewing the content of participants. When creating a preset, you can choose which columns you want to show; choose which column you want it to be ordered by; limit the number of participants that appear on the list; filter by column; or group the participants.

From the “Reports” section you can use the presets to create and print documents with classifications.

You can create presets before the race and leave them saved to use them once you have the results. You can use the presets that you save in all your races as long as the data configured in the preset is compatible with those available in the race participants.
  1. Select “Participants” in the left side menu.
  2. Customize the list of participants before saving it as a preset.
    1. Columns: in the bottom bar click on the “Customize table” icon. This will display a menu on the right where you can choose the columns you want to show. Click on the columns you want to include in your preset. You will find them thematically classified. When they are active they will appear coloured blue. In the table you can drag the columns to the left or right to sort them as you want.
    2. Sorting: click on the header of the column by which you want to sort the participants.
    3. Filters: to apply filters in the columns click on the filter icon. Choose the value for which you want to filter in the drop-down and click on “Filter”. Through the filter icon from the quick search bar you can also apply advanced filters.
    4. Group by: group the athletes of the list by event, category, status, gender, wave or split
    5. Row Limit: to limit the number of participants in the preset add the number of rows you want to show in the field “Row limit”, located below. You can eliminate this limitation by deleting the number and leaving the value “auto”.

  3. In the right side menu click on the presets icon and click on the “Create preset” button.
    If you want to apply an existing preset, click on the tick in the “List of presets” to apply it.
  4. Complete the name of the preset.
  5. Check that the number of columns, the sorting, the filters, the limit and the grouping correspond to your configuration.
  6. Click on “Create”.

The preset has already been created and will appear in the preset list of that race.

There is a colour code so you can easily identify which presets are compatible with the race you are timing:

  • Green: the presets are compatible with your race and shows the fields configured in the preset.
  • Yellow: some of the fields that the original preset was created with are missing. This will happen, for example, if the original preset had the club field and in this race you do not have that field.
  • Red: the preset will not work in this race.

You can use the presets for:

  • Race control: you can create presets to control the splits, check the empty splits…
  • Printing documents: a document is a preset with a layout. We explain it in this other article.
  • Export in CSV or XML: click on the “CSV” button at the top right of the screen. To export in XML format, scroll down the options on the same button and select that format.

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