Sending results via email

When you publish results in Sportmaniacs, you can as well send an email to race participants. In timingsense Academy we shall explain how to publish results:

To send such emails it is absolutely necessary to have your results published which include a field with emails of each participant. If you used Copérnico, it is as easy as having all your athletes previously imported with this field added.

How to do sending

  1. In Sportmaniacs click on “Results” in the lateral race menu and choose the event. You can not do sendings of all the events at a time, you should then do it one by one.
  2. Click on “Send emails” button.
  3. A message of sending authorisation will pop up. Click on “Accept” to confirm sending. A message with the number of emails sent will pop up.

Sample Email

This kind of email can not be set up for the moment.

If you linked a diploma to an event, we recommend you do sending after the diploma is published. We explain how to publish a diploma in Sportmaniacs in this article.

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