Embedding race rankings on a website

You can embed your classifications on a website using the Sportmaniacs widget. Once you have published the classifications on the platform, they will be visible from the website they are embedded on with all of their functionalities intact.

  1. Click “Get widget” on the summary page of the race.
  2. Choose the language in the dropdown menu of the pop-up window. We recommend choosing the “Automatic” option (this sets the default as the browser language).
  3. Click “Obtain code”.
  4. Click “Copy code”.
  5. Paste the code into the website you want the widget to appear in.
The classifications module will adapt to the width of the particular block of the website and set the optimal height for the screen it is displayed on.
The embed code for classifications and race registration is the same. This block of code will show the registration option until the race classifications are published in Sportmaniacs.

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