Creating splits in Sportmaniacs

Splits are each of the times taken from an athlete during a race, also known as timing points. To time remotely, you must create splits in the Sportmaniacs app for all of the timing points in the race. If you have several events which share splits, you can copy splits to be used in different events.

To create a split you must have previously created a race and at least one event.
  1. In the side menu of the event unfold the event in which you want to create splits and click on “Splits”.
    Creating splits in Sportmaniacs - Step1
  2. In the upper right corner, click “Create split”.
    Creating splits in Sportmaniacs - Step2
  3. Complete the split information.
    • Name. Name of the split.
    • Timer name. The name you include in this field is the one that will be sent to TSConnector as the control point name. If you use RaceTec, this name must match the name of the timing point you have configured in RaceTec.
    • Split types. You can choose between start, meta (finish line), standard (intermediate points), leg (for triathlons) and backup (when one same timing point has two lines).
    • Distance from start in kilometres (KM). Complete this field if you want the average speed of each split to be shown in the rankings.
    Creating splits in Sportmaniacs - Step3
  4. Click “Save”.
The other fields are not required to time remotely.
You can use the “Copy splits” option to copy splits from one event to another within the same race.

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