Creating and inviting new users

Creating users

If you are registered in Sportmaniacs as a timing company, you can create new users from the Sportmaniacs dashboard which will give them access to the dashboard and all of your company’s races.

You can only create user accounts if you have a registered timing company.
  1. Click “Users” in the main navigation bar.
    Creating users - Step 1
  2. Click “+ Create user” in the upper right hand corner.
    Creating users - Step 2
  3. Click the “Status” checkbox to activate the user.
  4. Fill in the rest of the information of the user.
    Creating users - Step 3
  5. Click “Save”.

The user you have just created will now be able to access the dashboard with the email and password specified. Share this information with them to provide access.

Inviting new users

From the left sidebar of a race you can invite users to a specific race, allowing them access to only that race and no other.

  1. Select the race from the homescreen in the “Races” tab.
  2. Click “Users” in the left hand sidebar of the race screen.
    Inviting users - Step 2
  3. In the “Users” section you can invite three types of user:
    • Add organizer: Only one per race. The email of the organizer must be entered.
    • Add point of sale: Access for points of sale for inscriptions and registrations. The email of the shop or distributor must be entered.
    • Add other user: Further to introducing the user’s email, select the “profile type” to add permissions from the dropdown menu.
    Profile type Permissions
    Edit events Allows the user to edit race information.
    Manage inscriptions without price Allows the user to manage inscriptions without being able to see the price.
    Manage inscriptions with price  Allows the user manage inscriptions and be able to see the price.
    Complete Equivalent permissions to an organizer.
    Configuration Allows the user to configure the race for timing.

    Inviting users - Step 3

  4. Click “Send invitation”.
    Inviting users - Step 4

The user will receive an invitation by email with a link.

If the user was not previously registered, the link will take them to registration screen for them to create a new user. If the user has previously registered, the link will take them straight to the dashboard of Sportmaniacs, where they will then be able to access the race.

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