TSActive, the active system for timing triathlons

In this post we revealed you what makes our system so special in comparison to the competitors. And also we have explained its advantages, features and functionality compared to a passive timing system, but we’ve left the best for the end.

Timingsense’s TSActive has became a possible and has already been used successfully by Sportchip in competitions such as the Spanish Triathlon Championship and Spanish Mixed Relay Triathlon Championship – Banyoles (Olympic) and the Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship Pontevedra 2020. By the way, they were also timed with Copérnico, our timing software, and timingsense’s Live app.

How was the Spanish Triathlon Championship Pontevedra 2020 timed?

The Pontevedra championship became the first competition that applied the Spanish Triathlon Federation’s Covid-19 prevention action plan to ensure that major triathlon events could be held under the new normal.

Triatlón de Pontevedra - Swim
Spanish Triathlon Championship Pontevedra: images provided by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI)

The sprint distance championship was disputed in an against-the-clock format. The participants completed 750 metres of swimming, 20 kilometres of cycling and 5 kilometres of running. Fernando Alarza and Anna Godoy took first place on the podium in Pontevedra,

The lightweight active tag was tested for the first time on 150 participants who wore it around their ankles. Moreover, the tag’s charging was effortless because it is possible to charge up to 25 chips simultaneously on the carrying tray without removing the neoprene!

Only 3 Classic Loop Box devices and 2 mobile phones were needed for the intermediate points. Due to the complexity of the competition and the fact that it was the first time this active chip system was used, Copérnico was the timing software used to register and publish the results of a championship that celebrated all the events in only 2 days of competition.

Triatlón de Pontevedra - Bike
Spanish Triathlon Championship Pontevedra: images provided by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI)

Using Copérnico, all the results were displayed in real time on the Live App. More than 1800 downloads of the app in the two days of competition affirmed the expectation created by the championship in the resumption of professional sports activity.  

How was the Spanish Elite Triathlon Championship in Banyoles timed?

Banyoles was the location in September of the European Junior Championships and the Spanish Elite Olympic Distance Triathlon and Mixed Relay Championships. More than 250 athletes participated in these events with all security measures for participants and volunteers thanks to the effort of Banyoles City Council and the Spanish Triathlon Federation. 

Triathlon Championship in Banyoles: images provided by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI)

1500 metres swimming, followed by 40 km cycling, completing 6 laps of the incredible local lake and 10 km running around the same lake, made up the Olympic distance of the event.

Paula Herrero and Alberto Gonzalez won the Spanish championship. Meanwhile, Helena Moragas and Alexande Montez were the winners of the European Junior Triathlon Championship held that same weekend. Cidade de Lugo Fluvial was the winner of the Spanish mixed relay championship from a total of 32 participating teams.

Triathlon Championship in Banyoles: images provided by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI)

The precision was decisive for timing more than 200 participants. Sportchip, the timing company accepted the challenge and relied on our active chip system. Three Classic Loop Boxes were necessary to cover the timing points successfully: swimming, cycle and finish line.

Copérnico published the rankings in real time and the event could be followed live using Live app: results in less than 5 seconds, instant video replay, positioning of the athletes on the map due to the combination of the timingsense active tag and Live app.

The timingsense ecosystem is the best option for timing a triathlon because of its simplicity, its power and the way all its products work together.