TSActive: the tiny system for the big events

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The timingsense 2020 product is without doubt our active timing system: TSActive. This strange 2020 came in handy for our R&D team to lockdown in home and develop the best sports timing product of this decade.During these months they have been putting our active chip through the hardest tests.

In this post we explain the differences between an active and a passive timing system. And we tell you about the two types of active systems that existed in the market until we came along.

The transponder is always broadcasting, which is why it is an active chip and not a passive one like disposable chips, returnable chips or multisport chips, so that when it passes by a reader, such as a mobile phone, it detects the emissions. When the chip passes through a Loop Box, it changes the type of emissions and the Loop Box detects them.

We can tell you about the features, functionalities and advantages of timing with an active timing system as opposed to a passive timing system. And although there is only one other active system on the market today that is worth mentioning, besides ours, we can tell you that TSActive is unique in its kind, so you won’t find another one like it:

Active Transponder

  • It is watertight: not a drop of liquid enters. Our active tag loves water. This makes it indispensable for triathlon, duathlon, obstacle races, cross country, skiing…
  • It is 100% accurate. You won’t lose a lecture.
  • It is light: 18 grams. Athletes will forget they are wearing it.
  • Its battery lasts up to 30 days. 
  • The battery is charged by Qi so there are no wires to connect. 
  • The same tray used to carry them is used to charge them: you can have 25 tags charged in less than 2.5 hours and without removing the neoprene. You will save a lot of time.
  • As it is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you can set up an intermediate point with just a mobile phone, making it the smallest and most economical timing device in the world.
  • And also… It’s cute!

Classic Loop Box

  • It is completely independent: it has more than 10 hours of battery life and does not even need a laptop to operate. 
  • It connects remotely with TSCloud.
  • It weighs only 1.5Kg and fits two in a standard sized backpack.

Timingsense App

  • The passing of participants is detected by the app and the Bluetooth communication
  • The approximate accuracy is less than 1 sec.
  • All readings are sent to TSCloud from the app

Easy timing

As you know one of timingsense’s goals has always been to avoid complications for timers, we call it #relaxingtiming. A race with a lot of intermediate points can be stressful: imagine carrying a timing device for each one, plus a timer and at least 4 meters of antenna for each one. Well, this stress is over, one volunteer, one mobile and one app.

You no longer need professional timers at intermediate points, it is so easy and intuitive that even an inexperienced volunteer can do it. Take your timers to other events and time multiple competitions in the same day with half the resources.

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