Why should you time virtual races with timingsense?

Virtual races are for the moment the main or even the only option for most timing companies. With this global health crisis that does not seem to be slowing down, in many countries, especially in the northern hemisphere, there are few race organisers left who dare to hold a big event or who have the permission of the authorities to do so. But we also need to start thinking about the future; hopefully we can finish 2021 by combining classic presential races and virtual races: hybrid events or hybrid races.

Virtual races are currently the safest way to continue competitive sport without crowds. We have developed the best technology: Virtual Races by timingsense.

What features should you require in a virtual races App

Today, there are many options for timing a virtual race. In this post we explain why these are the features you should demand to a virtual races app. These have been our guide to developing Virtual Races by timingsense

A virtual race is not only about the App for the participant, that is only the tip of the iceberg. A virtual race begins with the registration: this registration must be connected to the scoring/results software from which the APP feeds.Thus, when registering, the user must be invited to download the APP and register for the event. If the registration platform is not connected to the results software, the user will not be able to register in this moment, thus creating unnecessary confusion.

A virtual running app, as well as a live running app like Live App, must be highly configurable and customizable in its design to accommodate as many brands as the race director would need. (link to new App document).

  • Fixed-path and free-path races are equally important: For the regular runners it is important to participate under the same conditions as in a classical race, so fixed courses are the best option. The occasional runner prefers to start running right when they go out of home, so the free path course is their best option. It has been proved that a combination of both will attract more participants, as long as the results will be separate.
  • Publishing results in real time: in this century, an organiser cannot publish results once a day: the results must be instantly available, just as in a classical competition.
  • Complete results: If you only offer an overall ranking, or segmented by gender, participants will be less motivated. With Copérnico you can instantly publish classifications by age category, as categorised as you like, team classifications, special classifications within a company, division… everything you want and show it instantly in the APP
  • Audios: it has been proved that playing audios in the APP at specific moments when something is happening, increases motivation and the number of participants who finish the race.

The other essential component in virtual races is the timing software and its incident management. You can save hours of work with a powerful timing software. It is inevitable that the participants will make mistakes, so in this aspect you can save hours of work with a powerful timing software. Within the Timingsense ecosystem, We have developed Copérnico, the best timing software right now. This aspect can save you hours of work as it is inevitable that users will make mistakes. Designed with a very simple and intuitive interface, Copérnico has been created by and for timers. In addition to the typical interfaces for resolving issues, Copérnico has automatic rules: create your rules and solve incidences before they happen!

Copérnico is developed with the best technology from Amazon Web Services. It is an online timing software with an offline version in case there is no coverage. The Copérnico’s best feature, besides its simplicity and power, is that you can add several modules for different tasks and manage everything in real time from only one location. This allows you to offer a differential and more complete service with the same resources.

All these features can be found in timingsense ecosystem formed by Copérnico, Sportmaniacs and Live App at a very competitive price and with a 24 hours service during all your races.

We want you to be ready for this year 2021 and to face this difficult situation by offering you a technology that you will not only use today but will continue to use tomorrow when this whole situation is over. By combining Copernicus and Live you can prepare for tomorrow: hybrid races, a more than necessary companionship in the near future when we will be able to organise classic events again and which we explain in this other post.

Virtual races by timingsense

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