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TS2 Equipo de cronometraje

Our ground-breaking products drive the industry forward

We take our products to the very limit, so you can too.

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We are timers

We have more than 13 years’ experience in timing, we have worked with seven different RFID systems and we time some of the most important races in Spain.

We have harnessed our knowledge and understanding to develop the perfect timing system.

We make it easy

We’ve made timing as simple as can be. These are our intuitive, integrated solutions.


We have the highest detection rate in the world

It’s easy. Whoever tries our timing system buys it. We design our products painstakingly to give you total peace of mind. Not sure? We challenge anyone to find equipment with a better detection rate, anywhere.

Carrera de la Mujer, Barcelona (2018).
34,000 entries.

Creativity for every type of race

Any test in any place, regardless of the number of racers or precision needed.

Diseñamos constantemente nuevos productos
We are constantly designing new products that will make you time better.

We are engineers and designers

From the C-Suite to the timers, our team is made up of engineers and designers with a passion to create, innovate, and perfect our timing products.


Timers from more than 15 countries use our technology

Every month, new clients from around the world confide in us. Timers from Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Tunisia, Poland, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica are now using timingsense technology. We have virtually tripled the sales of our tags in 2017.

Our customers
  • "With timingsense we are ready to time any race"Rodrigo Calderón. TyR (Mexico)
  • "I have been timing since 2002 with different technologies. I never imagined that I would time a race with 10,000 participants and not a single readout missed."Víctor Murillo. Yomury (Spain)
  • "I work in a family supermarket. I started timing with another system and I almost gave up. Then I started using timingsense and it made my life easier."Luis Bonell. Multiesport (Spain)
  • "I am very satisfied with the system, it works perfectly. My sincere thanks go to the support team for their availability, their good advice and their support on a day-to-day basis."
  • "With timingsense we have reached a higher level professionally and we can now offer organisers a much wider range of timing services. "Vitaliy Melnikov, timingsense Russia, (Russia)
  • Rodrigo Calderón. TyR (Mexico)
  • Víctor Murillo. Yomury (Spain)
  • Luis Bonell. Multiesport (Spain)
  • Adrien Boudet. Chronowest (France)
  • Vitaliy Melnikov, timingsense, (Russia)

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