Timing a running event

For timing the sports discipline of running, there are two vital aspects to consider: reliability in collecting all of the readings, especially for races with numerous athletes, and being equipped to take readings that are as precise as possible.

Timing system for a running event



The most reliable passive UHF running timing system.


Floor antennas

For start, finish and halfway timing points


Disposable tag

One of the slimmest timing chips for running events.

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Setting up a road race

The simplest set up for a running event is with the start and finish lines in the same location, and a halfway checkpoint. If the organiser wants more timing points along the course, you can set up multiple on-course timing points, where required. At the finish line, always install a double line (main and backup), to guarantee the readings.

Choosing whether to set up a backup line at the start and intermediate points, however, will depend on the percentage of readings the race requires. With a single timingsense line at the start, you can read about 99% of the tags, one of the highest rates available on the market. At an intermediate checkpoint this percentage increases to 99.5%.



The distance separating the main and backup lines should be about 5m so that the runner has time to stop the watch. Bear in mind, the backup line will read tags several metres before it’s reached.


Zurich Maratón de Sevilla

According to the RFEA, the Sevilla Marathon is the second best marathon in Spain, and, after two consecutive ascents in rank, it’s also one of the forty best marathons in the world. The standard of timing in this event, which is furthermore a designated IAAF Gold Label Road Race, is very high. In the most recent event, twelve timers were responsible for setting up the eleven timing points, including start and finish.

  • Seville (Spain)
  • 13,000 participants
  • Timed by  

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