Time an intermediate point with a smartphone

The best version of any active tag: watertight, light and precise, 0% loss of readings.


Qi rechargeable

Lithium battery Qi rechargeable.



Not even a single drop can go through.



Time a point with a smartphone.



Active timing device

  • No laptop or TS2 required to send data.
  • Autonomous: Smart battery that lasts more than 10 hours.
  • Wireless connection to TSCloud.
  • Light: 1,450 Kg | 230 x 175 x 97 mm.


Time with no complications

Time an intermediate point with just a smartphone and our Android App.

  • The app detects the passage of participants through Bluetooth communication.
  • Accuracy of less than 1 sec.
  • The app sends all readings to the TSCloud.
  • It is so easy and intuitive that even an inexperienced volunteer can do it.
App chip activo


Battery life of up to 30 days in use mode

We have replaced the traditional battery for a rechargeable and long-lasting lithium battery. Thanks to this the tag is completely watertight and its useful life is much longer.

You can charge to up 25 tags at the same time.

Charge 80% in 2,5 hours.


Aligned with our technology

We strive to integrate all our products to offer you a unique and complete timing solution. The active tag communicates with TSCloud for sending the readings.


Set as many timing points as you want

More control points, less resources. Offer a display no other timer will be able to rival.


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