Live app sums up to 100,000 users in 2018

Live, our custom application for live race tracking, has been one of our new releases for 2018.

Last February it passed the acid test of being the official application of the Zurich 2018 Seville Marathon. Since then more than 90 races have been followed live through the different applications that have been created with Live technology. These have added up to about 100 000 users in total.

We like to surprise you every year with new products but, above all, we love that these new products are so well received.


Live’s 2018 in numbers

More than 90 races of our customers have been followed live with Live – and this only in its first ten months of life! The application has been used in races of all kinds: road races, trails, triathlons, cycling events… This is what it has achieved since its release.

  • More than 98 000 users
  • Close to 500 000 sessions
  • Close to 1 000 000 live video plays
  • Close to 45 000 video replays
  • More than 1 700 000 athlete profile views
  • More than 700 000 follows on athletes
  • Close to 9 000 photos uploaded to the app
  • Up to 20 screen views per user


Why does Live persuade organizers and timers?

Sport event organizers are looking for new ways to engage runners and attract sponsors, while timers want to differentiate themselves and be able to offer new services that allow them to time more and better races.

The Live app has gone into both their pockets. Races such as the aforementioned Zurich Marathon of Seville (Spain), the Ruta de las Iglesias (Ecuador), the 10K Valencia Ibercaja (Spain), the Powerade Monterrey Marathon (Mexico) or the Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesos (Spain) have had their own official personalized app this year.

In addition to being able to offer this app to their races, some timers have also opted to create a multi-race Live application in which they include the different races that time. Examples are the official applications of Tiempos y Resultados (Mexico), Yomury (Spain), Sports Timing (Ireland) or TimePulse (France).

What can you do in Live?

Since we released the application, we haven’t stopped working on it for a moment – in fact, we’ll be introducing new features very soon! Currently this is all Live can offer you.

  • Live video. Anywhere you decide to put a video spot.
  • Video replays. Instantly and without the need for post-production.
  • Real time results. Readings are updated in less than five seconds.
  • Location of athletes on the map. Through GPS if they run with the mobile or predictively if not.
  • Athletes follow. Each participant has its own page.
  • Integration with social networks. Content is shared directly from the application.
  • Collaborative photo gallery. Possibility of taking photos with the official frame of the race.
  • Personalized notifications. Warns participants with the most important information of the race.
  • Classification mode. When the race has finished the application shows all the classifications.

Sure you don’t want to offer all this? You can also have your own personalized app with all the features of Live. Contact us and we’ll tell you how!