What’s new in 2019: folding antenna, active tag and Copérnico

Once again, we start the year with novelties! In January we had the honour of meeting timers from Spain and France at the Timers Meetup in Madrid and Paris, where we took the opportunity to present our three new releases: the folding antenna, the active tag and Copérnico.

We were looking forward to sharing with you these novelties that reaffirm our commitment to innovation: we will continue to design new products and improve existing ones so that you can grow as a timer. We share with you some details of these releases.

To ask for more information about them or to know their availability, do not hesitate to contact us.


Folding antenna: thin, light and very robust

We knew it had to be very thin and that’s why our new folding antenna is only 2 cm thick unfolded. It is also the lightest on the market, weighing 19 kg, and allows you to have a 4 meter timing point ready in just 20 seconds.

But this isn’t what we like most about it. We decided to be very strong where others fail and design a very resistant folding antenna that supports even the passage of vehicles.

To achieve this, we have rethought every detail: the new cables are more resistant, because we know that it is one of the elements that is most damaged; its hexagonal base lightens the antenna without sacrificing robustness; and the joint pieces, made from a mould, limit the angle at which each piece of the antenna is folded so that the cables suffer less.


In addition to this, the antenna (totally redesigned to be thinner) is over-injected, which in addition to improving the resistance ensures its water tightness.

You can find more information about our folding antenna on our website.


Active tag: timing with bluetooth technology

We’re sure you’ve never tried a tag like this. Our active tag is very accurate and if you try it it will be impossible for you to prefer another one. Bluetooth technology allows you to use it in two ways. On the one hand, in active mode, using a box that receives the information from the tag and sends it to TSCloud.

On the other hand, in broadcast mode, which allows you to time using a smartphone. Can you imagine being able to time a race with as many intermediate points as you want and just need to put in each one a volunteer with a smartphone? We’ve made it possible!

Of course, both modes are integrated with TSConnector and any timingsense software.

Our active tag is rechargeable by Qi wireless technology instead of by battery, like other models, which makes the tag watertight.


Copérnico: the easiest timing software

Intuitive and full of possibilities. Copérnico is our new timing software and is designed, like all our products, to make your life easier. With Copérnico the learning process is very fast. In addition, having an online version, allows you to give assistance to less experienced timers at a distance. These are some of the features we have prepared for you.

  • Reports. Create complex reports in a snap, without using code, and share them in real time with your timers instantly. Then use them to create documents by dragging the items that interest you most.
  • Log. All your actions are reflected in Copérnicos’ log. From there you can review them or even undo them.
  • Video replays. Publish them in your Live app or use them in Copérnico to solve any incident easily.

And this is just the beginning! We continue to improve existing features and develop new modules that allow you to give a differential service, as you can do with Live.


Would you like more information about our products?

We will soon be sharing more details about our new products, their availability and prices, but if you need it, you can contact us now and we’ll give you the information you need. We’ll be delighted to help you!