Recovering stored readings both locally and remotely

The recovery of stored readings of the box is a query made to the box, which returns the data of the readings made.

To recover the stored readings of a device you must first connect it to TSConnector, either locally or remotely.
  1. Click on the recovery of stored readings icon on the box panel.
    Recovery stored readings - Step 1
  2. By default, the “Force TimingPoint” section will display the TimingPoint you have assigned that box to. You can activate this option to force a different TimingPoint.
  3. Enter the date and time for the timelapse you want to recover readings from.
  4. Click on “Rewind”.
    Recovery stored readings - Step 4
  5. On the box panel you will see a green check and the number of recovered readings. Click on the green check.

On the box panel and the TimingPoint panel the information of the recovered readings will appear.

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