Timers Meetup Quito: ready to time the historically first race in Ecuador

Last June 1st, the large Latin American timers’ meeting was held the Hotel Finlandia in Quito and was attended by great professionals from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. On the day, timingsense presented new products and new technology. It was a very dynamic Meetup which focused on giving participants the chance to interact with our technology, such as Copérnico, the new and easy to use timing software, which is completely automated and with which you can time any race remotely.

The day awakened great interest among attendees, who could check how our timing system works and create a real-life simulation of timing a race: the set up and configuration of a race on Copérnico, activation of the Live App for live follow-up, simulation of many timing points for reading tags both in Copérnico, on the app and the timing devices.

The Timers Meetup attendees were invited the next day to the Race Day Experience, and they could attend to the 15k Quito Ultimas Noticias with our timers. Here, they lived the first-hand experience of timing an important race with the timingsense technology. 

Timers Meetup Quito

15K Quito Últimas Noticias

Over 18000 runners participated in the 59th edition of a race that is considered historically the first in Ecuador and where the current edition was timed by our partners in Mexico and Argentina, Tiempos y Resultados, using timingsense technology.

This year, the race organisers introduced many changes, one of them was giving women the starting shot before the men, in two separate waves, since beating the women’s world record in the trial would only be approved by the IAAF if the men and women’s waves were separate.

On her arrival into the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, the Peruvian athlete Gladys Tejeda claimed victory in the women’s category, while the winner of the men’s category went to the Kenyan Julius Koskei. Jonathan Herrera won the wheelchair category.

How was the 15K Quito Últimas Noticias timed?

To time the race, five timing points were set up: start, 5K, 10K, 12.5K and finish line. The TyR company used seven TS2 timing devices, 56 antennas and ten timers.

The race was timed with Copérnico as well as a custom version of our Live App to follow the race, which was downloaded by 8.400 users. It had over 64.000 shares of the finish line video and almost 900 images were uploaded to the app photo gallery.


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