Our 3 most outstanding races in Mexico in 2018

We are approaching the equator of the year and we couldn’t help but look back on some of the Mexican races that have been timed with timingsense technology by the timers Tiempos y Resultados: the XVII Triathlon Pacífico Mazatlán, the 4th FUCAM Race, the Half Marathon OXXO Ciudad de México

We still have a long way to go in 2018, with important races on our calendar, but we wanted to share with you the details of three of the most important races in México. More than 15,000 participants joined them!


3rd AT&T Run CDMX

One of the first races of the year for timingsense in Mexico. The AT&T Run took place on February 18 in Mexico City and was attended by more than 6,000 runners.

This was a double distance race for the participants, 5K or 10K. The timing was done with three timing points (start, 5K and finish) and the runners used our disposable dorsal tag.


Foto: Asdeporte

GMC Mexico Valle de Bravo Triathlon

As Rodrigo Calderón, director of Tiempos y Resultados, stated, his alliance with timingsense allows the Mexican company to time almost any type of race, including triathlons.

On April 28th they timed the GMC Mexico Valle de Bravo Triathlon, a race with three distances: Olympic, sprint and supersprint. To time the test, 9 TSOne teams were used, divided into 8 splits. The test had 2,500 participants.

triatlon valle de bravo méxico

Foto: Asdeporte


On May 6, 6,500 runners participated in the 21K ESPN in Mexico City. A total of 7 TSOne boxes were used to time this half-marathon, distributed between the start and finish line and three intermediate timing points. The runners used our disposable chip on the bib.


Foto: Asdeporte

Do you time races in Mexico?

If you also want to time races in Mexico with timingsense technology you can contact us. We have distribution thanks to our alliance with Tiempos y Resultados, a reference company in the sector and the main user of our technology in this country.

Through our reseller you will have free and comprehensive training, as well as attention and support for your first race. Ask us for references!