The smallest, lightest timing system

An RFID reader, a phone, and the TSPortable app. That’s it! Set up a timing point wherever you want and receive all of the readings at the finish line in real-time.

timingsense portable reader
TSPortable weighs less than 600 grams

Race timing where cars can’t go

Time your races in places that are hard to get to whether there is coverage or not. Perfect for the most rugged, off-road races.

TSP Mobile EN

Read any type of chip

Disposable, multisport or clip, even when they are on the move.


Easy to use

Get the best results every time, even when used by volunteers with no experience in timing.


Long-life battery

The reader battery will last up to a week without charging.

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Zegama Aizkorri Maratoia, Guipúzcoa.

More than 500 runners in a half-mountain race through the Aratz massif and the Sierra del Aizkorri. The intermediate points were timed by TSPortable.

"TSPortable is so easy to use, even to the point that we put volunteers without timing experience in charge of the intermediate splits."
Abraham Serra. Cronochip. Valencia (Spain)

Gran Trail Picos de Europa, Asturias.

Mountain race with distances up to 55km and an elevation gain of over 9000m. At the Vega de Ario intemediate split, before the Juyalto peak, TSPortable withstood temperatures of just 2ºC.

"Without internet coverage, TSPortable worked perfectly, as soon as we got it into 3G coverage, the readings exported instantly with no complications."
Gerardo Gómez. 321 GO. Oviedo (España)
Trail Picos de Europa
Marató de la Fageda

VIII Marató de la Fageda, Tarragona.

In the race we had one system at the start line, two at the finish line, and three intermediate splits all timed with TSPortable.

"One of the splits was 8km away and we just uploaded it with TSPortable."
Edu García. Cronochip. Valencia (España)

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