A user-friendly app

The key to timing any point, of any race, anywhere, is in the palm of your hand.


Storage of readings

Your race readings will be stored indefinitely on the app, with a security backup on your phone, so you’ll never lose your data.


Automatic synchronisation via TSCloud

With mobile coverage, your race readings upload automatically to TSCloud, so at the finish line you’ll receive them in real-time.


Download your readings in CSV

Send a file from any timing point in the race by email from the app.

Manage your TSPortable system remotely from TSConnector

TSConnector is the PC application which ensures that readings collected by any timingsense equipment are automatically inserted into the database of your timing software, no matter if your equipment is connected locally or remotely. Use it from your PC to keep an eye on the coverage type, the battery or to send readings from your TSPortable.

Manage TSPortable from TSConnector

United we are stronger

Our system is compatible with RaceTec, Wiclax, GMCap, Cronometra Suite and many more. Using some other software? Let us know and we’ll help you out

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