The thinnest and most rugged folding antenna

It weighs 19 kg, is 2 cm thick and can be assembled in less than 20 seconds. We’ve also designed every detail to make our folding antenna the toughest and most enduring at any race. Want to give it a try?


Designed to last

We’ve decided to be very strong where others fail. Our antenna supports even the passage of vehicles. To achieve this we have rethought every detail to make an antenna that can withstand what you need. The new special cables, the manufacture with over-injection, the new pieces of union or the hexagonal design of the base are only some examples.

Thin and light

The thinnest and lightest

With a weight of 19 kg and a height of 2 cm once deployed, our antenna is the thinnest and lightest on the market. To achieve this we have redesigned the antenna from scratch to make it thinner and more rugged without affecting its emission characteristics.

  • Weight 19 kg
  • Folded size 100 x 37 x 8 cm
  • Unfolded size 400 x 37 x 2 cm

The easiest set up

Its modular design allows you to combine folding antennas of different lengths to set up the timing point you need without wasting time.


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