Simple. Effective. Functional

An operating system designed exclusively for sports timing


Readouts, modes and alarms

Get information from TSCloud to check, in one take, if there are any malfunctions in the race.


Save your readouts

The readout information is saved twice on each system, and deleted after one month.


Setup of multiple control points

Set up one or more control points on the same system to configure themselves automatically during the race.

Manage your systems from 10 metres or 1000 miles

TSConnector is the PC application which ensures that readings collected by any timingsense equipment are automatically inserted into the database of your timing software, no matter if your equipment is connected locally or remotely. Use it from your PC to manage actions from a distance.


United we are stronger

Acess TS2 remotely through your timing software. Our system is integrated with Copérnico, our timing software; and also with third party softwares such as RaceTec, Wiclax, GMCap, Cronometra… Do you use a different software? Contact us and let us work on its integration.

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