Traveling to Russia to celebrate our first year with presence in the country

What better occasion to visit Russia than the week in which the Moscow Marathon takes place? In timingsense we took this opportunity to visit the country, organize an event with professional timers and celebrate our first anniversary of presence in the country with official distributor.

In this event we presented our new technology and proposed its application in races as complex as those that occur in Russia, where rain and snow make the timing system pass extreme weather conditions.

The event took place at the Innovation Centre of the Russian Olympic Committee and was attended by almost twenty professional timers from Russia and nearby countries.

The event opened with a talk by Vitaliy Melnikov, timingsense’s partner in Russia, and his colleague Ivan Alypov (bronze medal at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin in cross-country skiing, Russian champion and several times world champion in this sport).

They explained to the attendees how after a year as partners in the country they have grown as timing professionals thanks to a technology that allows them to face all kinds of sporting events and challenges.

Timing services of timingsense Russia have grown exponentially this year in their region, and we say region because they not only time tests in Russia, but also in countries such as Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan or even Austria. In this year alone they have timed more than 50 sporting events.

Ksenia Konovalova, head of the international sales department, raised the importance of having a good timing system to attract more and better customers: technological innovation is the key to differentiating between timers.

The timing workshop closed the event. Those in attendance went through the timing process of a race: from the creation of the race in Sportmaniacs to the uploading of classifications, including the assembly of the antennas.


Moscow Marathon Expo

This year we couldn’t miss the Moscow Marathon Expo either. There we received those timers from the region who, due to agenda issues, could not visit us on the event that took place the previous day. In the stand of the expo they could check the excellent operation of our timing sytem.

Without doubt, Russia and the Moscow Marathon always bring us good things: meeting new professionals, sharing experiences with other timers. With all those stories we’ve enjoyed, it’s almost certain we’ll be back next year.

Feria Maraton de Moscu 2018