This is what happened at South America’s timers meetup

On the occasion of the timing of the Ruta de las Iglesias, one of the most important night races in Ecuador, we organized last August 24th a timers meetup in Quito, in which important timers from South America attended.

Almost thirty timers from Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Argentina met at the Hotel Finlandia in the Ecuadorian capital.

Attendees, in addition to those who followed the event streaming on YouTube, were able to learn about the technology of timingsense systems and why they are so successful in simplicity, reliability and accuracy.

Rodrigo Calderón, TyR director and official Timingsense partner in Mexico, explained why it is necessary to differentiate oneself from other timers to get more and better races through innovation in timing systems. The well-known Ruta de las Iglesias, which this year had its own Live App, served as an example.

In the session on good technical and commercial practices for timing, tips were shared on how to avoid and overcome mishaps during a sporting event and to face more difficult challenges than those usually encountered, such as the ones encountered in snow timing.

Finally, a practical workshop on timing was held in which the attendees had the opportunity to create a race in Sportmaniacs, connect the TS2 box to the timing points, create the race in the Cronometrar Suite and even do a race simulation passing the tags over the the antennas connected to the boxes to visualize the results in real time. At the end of the event we went to the fair of the Ruta de las Iglesias.



The Ruta de las Iglesias, the most emblematic night race in Ecuador

The Ruta de las Iglesias is part of the running tradition in Ecuador. This year, the 14th edition of the race is being held with more than 15,000 runners registered and registrations sold out weeks before the race.

Why has the Ruta de las Iglesias become a must for running in Quito? Without a doubt, its 10 kilometres distance, accessible to a large number of sportsmen and women, and its unforgettable route are the two keys to its success. It is a circuit that runs through the historic center of Quito in its quietest moment: the night.

The tour passes through most of the city’s emblematic churches, which are even more beautifully lit at night: Basilica, Santa Bárbara, La Merced, San Francisco, La Concepción, La Catedral, El Sagrario, La Compañía, Santo Domingo, Santa Catalina, San Agustín and San Blas.

La Ruta de las Iglesias 2018

How was the Ruta de las Iglesias timed?

Such a race deserved an extra effort in timing and, as together we are stronger, we collaborated with four timing companies from three different countries to ensure that everything went perfectly: TyR (Mexico), Rio Timings (Ecuador), Team Crono (Ecuador) and Aire libre y Aventura (Colombia).

For the occasion, 3 TS2 boxes of eight ports and 6 TSOne boxes of four ports were used, spread over 6 timing points along the course of the race. There was no incidence of readings at the finish line, despite the arrival of more than 13,500 runners.

The use of the Live application was also a success, with more than 6,500 downloads from the App and more than 65,000 live video views during the race. Users uploaded nearly 2,000 images to the application and more than 28,000 queries of the runners’ profiles were recorded, with more than 12,000 follows as a result.

A perfect closure that makes us feel even stronger in South America. See you soon!

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