Introducing TS2, the very best timing system

More stable, easier to use and ready for any race.


The most reliable UHF technology

TS2 is unbelievably reliable. We know because we designed it. Our read rate is the highest in the market for passive systems.

"I have been timing since 2002 with different technologies. I never imagined that I would time a race with 10,000 participants and not a single readout missed."
Víctor Murillo. Yomury. Osuna (Spain)

Surprisingly simple to use

We’ve made difficult… easy: one intuitive interface, meaning timing will be as simple as it has ever been.

"I work in a family supermarket. I started timing with another system and I almost gave up. Then I started using timingsense and it made my life easier."
Luis Bonell. Multiesport. Castello de Rugat (Spain)

Pay a fair price

We are looking to build relationships based on confidence. Our prices show that.

"I used to time with a well known timing system and changed to timingsense. Now I pay much less and I have a better service."
Juan María Artola. Cronogés. Zaragoza (Spain)

We’ll replace your old equipment

With our Renewal Plan, we’ll replace your old equipment from other manufactureres with up-to-date tech. You’ll never want to go back.

"With timingsense we are ready to time any race."
Rodrigo Calderón, TyR (Mexico)

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Equipo de cronometradores

We’re right here with you!

We’ll train your team as and when you need, and we’ll join you for the races, always! Because if you grow, we grow with you.

"timingsense's service is simply great. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ... Any day of the week. You can tell they are timers."
Pawel Kubicz. Cronochip Poland. Lodz (Poland)

360º Innovation

We are building great products that will define the future of race timing. We have a full range of timing solutions that will help you differentiate and grow your business.

"I time many triathlons. Nowadays, it is not enough to do a good timing, you need much more and timingsense gives it to me."
Marcos Lobo. Sportchip. Aranda del Duero (Spain)

Made to last

TS2 will withstand even the toughest conditions, it can endure torrential rain and the battery lasts more than 10 hours. We’ve designed a rugged system because our idea is to sell tags.


Time races anywhere. There are no limits.

The lightest and smallest timing system. timingsense portable is ideal for timing where vehicles can’t go, with or without a Cloud connection.

portable race timing system

Our integrated software

Go further

integra TS2 con tu software

TS2 with you software

Our system is integrated with the main timing software. If you need to integrate yours, just let us know.


TS2 with Sportmaniacs

Create your races, control your registrations and share the race positions faster than ever.




Obstacle races





Timing Points Set Up Manual

Download the manual

Timing Points set up

Learn how to set up timing points according to the sport discipline

  • Running: start and finish lines.
  • Cycling.
  • Triathlon: start, transitions and finish line.

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