Timing a Triathlon

Swimming, cycling and running: the timing system and tags you use for timing a triathlon must work perfectly across all three sporting disciplines. It is important how you set up the checkpoints and configure the race to time each discipline correctly. Here we explain everything you need to know to time a triathlon.

What will you need for triathlon timing?



The most reliable passive UHF timing equipment.


Floor antennas

Used for timing transitions and finish in a triathlon.


Side antennas

These are the recommended option for timing the exit from the water in a triathlon.


Reusable passive triathlon tag

The most resistant option for passive systems, using high quality neoprene tape

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Setting up timing points for a triathlon

For timing a typical triathlon with five checkpoints in all, three of these will be located at the end of each respective leg: Swim, Cycle and Run, of which this last is also the finish line. Triathlons also have two transition timing points.

one at the exit from the transition area at the start of the cycling leg (Transition 1), and another at the exit from the transition area at the start of the running leg (Transition 2).In the plan we’re suggesting here, the Swim and Transition 1 timing points are not situated in the same physical place, unlike those of Transition 2 and Cycle which share a single location.



At the exit from the water (end of the Swim leg), we advise the use of lateral antennas to read the passive tags. Also, the further this checkpoint is from the actual water, the better. At the remaining checkpoints, however, it’s better not to use lateral antennas because the floor antennas will be adequate. Like this, you can avoid taking unwanted readings due to timing points being too close.


AsTri Veracruz

The Veracruz triathlon is the biggest in Latin America. To time this triathlon a total of ten TS2 systems were used, distributed along seven checkpoints, including a start timing point at the beginning of the race.

  • Boza del Río, Veracruz (México)
  • 3.000 participants
  • Timed for

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