Timing an open water swimming race

In this sport is essential the location of the finish line: in water or on ground because depending on this you will use side or floor antennas. The reusable passive tag is used in open water swimming races. In timingsense we have the most accurate technology for timing this competitions, we explain you how.

What will you need for timing an open water swimming race



The most reliable passive UHF timing equipment.


Side antennas

Place one on each side of the checkpoint.


Reusable passive tag

The most resistant option, perfect for swimming competitions.


Floor antennas (optional)

For the start/finish point.

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Setting up timing points for an open water swimming race

Setting up the timing points for a swimming race is simple. In most cases you will only have to set up a finish line, but you have to differentiate between two types of finish line: on the ground or in the water.

A finish line on the ground you can time using the side antennas and the reusable passive tag. This type of tag is slightly affected by water so the closer the gap between the side antennas at the checkpoint, the more effectiveness you get in the readings.

If the finish line is far from the water but with sand you can consider using ground antennas.

If the finish line is in the water you should install a floating side antenna structure. Swimmers should wear the tag on their wrist and not on their ankle. Once they reach the finish line, they should touch with the hand that carries the chip on the floating structure.



The best option is use side antennas because wet sand affects the floor antennas. If you finally use them we recommend that you use a broom or brush to remove the sand that falls on them so that it does not accumulate.


X-Waters Ural Swim

The X-Waters open water racing championship started in 2016. They currently have 12 races in 6 countries around the world. One of the most amazing is the one that takes place in July in one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of the Urals, Lake Turgoyak.

  • Miass (Russia)
  • 350 participants
  • Timed by timingsense Russia 

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