Timing a mountain trail

In mountain races, the difficult access and absense of coverage are frequent problems faced by the race timer. How have we solved these? By designing a timing system that weighs less than 1 kg and which sends readings automatically as soon as it has an internet connection. This is the solution we propose for you.

What you need for timing a mountain race



The most reliable passive UHF timing system.


Floor antennas

Use them for timing points at the start and end points.

el sistema de cronometraje portable más pequeño


The lightest system (600 g) for intermediate points that are difficult to access.


Disposable tag

At a thickness of only 2mm, it is one of the thinnest on the market.

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Setting up timing points for a mountain trail

Use TS2 device and ground antennas for the start and finish points on your mountain trails. These two points usually have an easy accessibility location, they use to be on asphalt, so carrying the timing equipment and setting out the points will not suposse a problem for you. The number of antennas and devices you will need will depend on the length of these points. As in all running races, set up a double line for backup.

For intermediate points, accessibility will determine the system you use. If the trail is rugged, off-road races or crowded, you can use side antennas, which are lighter than floor ones. At places that are hard to get, you can use the TSPortable. It’s so easy even if used by volunteers with no experience in timing: all they need to do is to point the reader towards the runners and press the button. The readings will be sent to the finish line through the app whenever there is an internet connection.



If the race lasts too long, make sure you fully charge the TSPortable reader battery. If the temperatures are also going to be low, you need to be aware that the life of any lithium battery will be reduced, so we recommend that you take an external battery with you.


Hiru Haundiak

The route of this 101 kilometre ultra-trail tops three of the highest mountains in the Basque Country (Gorbea, Anboto and Aizkorri). Running it is a heroic feat, and so is timing it: a team of 17 people were timing during 24 hours at the 14 race timing points, 7 of these were equipped with a TSPortable only.

  • Álava (Spain)
  • 1700 participants
  • Timed by 

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