Timers Meetup Valencia: There is no timingsense without timers

On January 13th and 14th we celebrated the most interactive to date Timers Meetup by timingsense in Valencia. Yes, well… we know that it is just the second edition, but we wanted to improve ourselves and so we did.

How was timingsense’s second Timers Meetup?

The second edition of the largest meeting of timers in Spain and Portugal took place in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. More than 50 attendees from all parts of Spain came to Valencia to find out what’s new on timingsense products.

The undisputed protagonist in the meeting was our new active tag. During the last edition we presented a proof of concept of what we wanted to achieve with this product and we promised that in this edition the product would already be ready for sale. In 2019 we have achieved the active tag having 0% failures and an accuracy of 0.1 seconds.

Its Bluetooth technology allows two modes of use for sending data, active or broadcast, with this second mode it connects directly with TSCloud, without using a laptop or the TS2, only a smartphone is necessary. And since the battery of the active chip is Qi rechargeable, the chip is waterproof and essential for timing in water.

Timers meetup Valencia

The two other big hits of the day were Live App and Copérnico. We reviewed the advantages of the Live app for timers, which allows them to offer an added value service with which generate more brand presence, while making it possible to retain organizers and obtain greater benefits.

Copérnico’s novelties focused on the experience of timers using our easy timing software during this first year. Copérnico is the beginning of a new era in timing because it solves two major problems increasingly visible in the world of timing: the lack of staff to time and the devaluation of the price of the services required to timers.

Making our timers grow

In timingsense we have realized the best way to grow is to make our clients grow too. To do this we have transformed our business vision and we focus on our customers with products designed to make their lives easier.

To find out if our products are as simple to use as we think, we asked our timers to test them all. We decided that no assistant could left without testing all the timingsense products in the Timers Meetup Valencia 2020, so we prepared a dynamic 3-hour session in which the timers could perform a series of activities in teams and we all could check first hand, them and us, the functionalities of products and ease of learning.

And since we are timers, why not time the teams? Thus was born the first edition of the timingsense Awards. A new way to promote knowledge and networking among attendees to Timers Meetup Valencia.

We did not know that the timers were so competitive despite being almost always on the other side of the clock. The timingsense Awards were a complete success among the attendees who insisted that it was essential for next editions of the meetup timers.

At the end of the contest we started our particular #relaxingtiming by timingsense, an incomparable #afterwork after the event.

Welcome to the new timing era

The second session of the event reserved for our customers began with a round of proposals and improvements focused on the products starting the new era of timing: Live and Copérnico.

How to get more out of Live? We have no doubt Live app is an added value for the participants of any race. What the presentation wanted to highlight is how to make the sale of the app to express its full potential for organizers and brands.

And to end two intense days, Copérnico workshop, a practical session to review the new features of our easy timing software, designed to make our timer’s life easier: intuitive, powerful and full of possibilities.

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