TSP: the portable sports timing system

We know that a lot of you have races in the mountains, in areas that are hard for vehicles to reach… In such cases, carrying a sports timing system and connecting to the Cloud is pretty complicated, which is why we’ve created the TSP (Timing Sense Portable), a portable timing system that will make your life simpler when you find yourself in those kinds of conditions.

How have we solved this problem?

Our team of developers and IT experts has created an app for Android mobiles which, when connected to a RFID reader, like the ones used to manage stock inventories, will allow us to time almost any kind of event while carrying very little weight.
As you know, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems in races enable us to monitor runners and their progress past the different control points in real time.
Like everything that Timing Sense is involved in, we’ve made it so simple that you won’t believe it:
Step 1 – Turn on the app and enter your user name and password.
Equipo de cronometraje portable
Step 2 – You’ll be asked for permission to turn on the mobile device’s Bluetooth and to access the phone’s multimedia file (you’ll understand why later).
Step 3 – From the list of your races, choose the one you’re going to time and the control point. If you can’t find it, create it now.
Step 4 – Press play and start timing; if you want you can now put the mobile away in your pocket.
Each time a runner approaches your control point, aim the RFID reader at them and press the trigger to read the information on that runner’s chip. If you have the mobile in view you’ll see their basic data appearing on the screen. The reader can read at a distance of up to 4 or 5 metres so it won’t be necessary to stop the athlete to read their shirt back.
Timing Sense Portable
Step 5 – When all the runners have passed and you’re done, press finish and the app will stop timing.