Creating a race from the TSPortable app

If you wish to create a race that hasn’t been set up in Sportmaniacs, you can do it through the app.

If you create a race manually through the app, your readings will not be sent to TSCloud and will not be visible in TSConnector, though they will be saved on the mobile device.
Be sure that the RFID reader is switched on by pressing the trigger.
  1. Press the “+” button in the bottom right hand corner of the start screen.
    Creating a race from the TSPortable app - Step1
  2. Complete the information that appears on the screen:
    • Race name
    • Point of race: Timing point that will be used by TSPortable.
    • Start date: Start date of the race.
    • End date: Date the race will finish.
    Creating a race from the TSPortable app - Step2
  3. Press “Add race”.
  4. Select the location configured in step 2 in the “Point of race” field.
    Connecting via the cloud to a pre-existing race - Step2

Once you have selected the location, the app will connect to the reader automatically and you will be able to start timing. If it is unable to establish a connection, try selecting it again from the list.

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