Introducing the TS2, our new timing system

It’s been two years since we launched our TSOne timing system and although it’s still one of the best timing systems on the market, we’ve taken advantage of it every day to learn from our timekeepers’ experience with the team. Here’s some evidence! Our new TS2 timing system, more stable, more reliable and more intuitive.

TS2 is ready for any race you set out to time. It is robust, rain resistant and with electronics that withstand temperatures ranging from -20º C to 80º C. We have made sure that it can withstand this temperature range because it has to withstand extreme heat races, like the Titan Desert, and also very low temperatures, like the snow tests timed by timingsense Russia timers.

Beyond this, these are some of its main characteristics.


Set up timing point lines of up to 8 meters with a single box

At first glance, the main novelty is that we have doubled the number of connection ports for UHF antennas. TS2 has a model with 4 ports but also one with 8 ports.

This allows you to cover up to 8 meter timing points with a single box or to set up, for example, a four meter finish line with a backup of another four meters with a much lower investment in timing equipment.



Up to 10 hours of battery life

During a race you have too much to look forward to adding to the list the battery charge level of the timing system. That’s why TS2 has a Lithium-Ion battery with up to 10 hours of life.


New, much stronger lid

On the TS2 we have changed the lid to make it very solid. It is made of one-piece die-cast aluminium. The shell shape makes this new cover very resistant to shock or external agents, which improves the overall durability of the system. In the centre of the lid is a VGA touch screen with a resolution of 640×480, through which you can configure the system.



New ventilation and temperature control system

The material of the new cover itself helps the heat dissipation caused by the electronics, which means, in short, that the box heats up less.

In addition, TS2 has a ventilation system in which filters have been incorporated at both the inlet and outlet, which prevent the entry of dust and water. The ventilation system is activated automatically from the 56º C of the reader or CPU.

These filters are protected by a louvre blade lid made of the same material as the cover, which is fixed to the cover by magnets. This allows you to remove the lid for cleaning and maintenance of the filters.

The result is better thermal performance of the system. We know this because we have tested it with high temperatures from simulations, using heat generators and infrared radiation lamps up to 45º C ambient temperature.



Rain resistant

Each component of the system has its own gasket and therefore TS2 is watertight and rainproof. We ran tests by flooding the lid, and not a drop went in. We have also “showered” it to simulate rain.

Our aim is to ensure that the TS2 meets the IP65 protection rating, meaning it has a strong dust protection (it must not enter under any circumstances) and is also resistant to water jets (it must not enter when it is thrown from any angle).

TS2 con agua

In short, this is our new bet: a timing system that is intuitive and stable enough for those of you who are just starting out in sports timing, but also extremely reliable and complete enough to keep up with those of you who are already timing important races. Do you need any more information? Get in touch with us.

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