Crossing borders with timingsense: what we experienced in Mexico

The innovative spirit of timingsense motivates us to follow the never-ending road of constant improvement and stretching our boundaries. CEO Abraham Serra and sales executive Carlos Sáez proved this to be true with their cross-border trip to Mexico.

The purpose of the visit was to lay the foundation for a long-term business relationship and to settle even more our presence in Latin America.


Trying our timing system in Mexico: Rock’n’Roll Merida Half Marathon & 10K

It was our pleasure to showcase our timing system in addition to our expertise and technical know-how as timers in an environment that is the most practical of all the Rock’n’Roll Merida Half Marathon & 10K.
carlos saez y abraham serra en mexico

With just a minimum amount of our capacity at hand we managed to deliver an exceptional performance. Our system could track every one of the near 2.500 runners without errors in contrast to the system of a competitor that has been used in the past by our new found alliance.

By the way, the 10K and Half Marathon of Merida offers a great track and is an intriguing event for athletes that are passionate runners. You can get more information on their website.

medallas maraton de merida en mexico

Reassuring our expansion in Latin America

This trip to Mexico is nothing but the perfect closing of a year where timingsense has managed to introduce its technology on some of the most relevant countries in Latin America, including the already mentioned Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica or Panama.

Carlos Sáez and Abraham Serra spent the following days with customers and timers to form a long-lasting partnership and network.

Carlos Sáez also had the chance to introduce our company, products and future plans to a group of interesting experts of the running industry in Mexico City.

Carlos Sáez en México

Needless to say, we gained significant insights into the market of Latin America and are happy to have met fascinating people in our industry who are as passionate as we are. It was definitely not the last time we will be to Mexico. We are looking forward to the expo 5º Congreso Internacional de la Industrial del Running in Mexico , where we will be having our own stand. 

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